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The challenge: Launching a new 24/7 reality TV channel, in an already cluttered world of reality shows.

The solution: Extreme banner interaction for the first time in history: a reality show on a banner ad Based on the basic elimination process we all know and love from famous reality shows (survivor, the bachelor, American Idol etc’) we created “The Couch” – a reality show which takes place on a banner ad. 5 contestants challenged each other for the title of “the last survivor on the couch” (each of them telling internet users why they should be the one to win). Internet users were invited to vote off their least favorite contestant. Each day at 18:00 the contestant which got most of the votes was eliminated from the couch. To increase interaction we also opened profile pages in social networks for all of the contestants. 

The results: The campaign was extremely successful – the daily elimination created great interest and suspense among tens of thousands of internet users, who literally got addicted to “the show” and voted each day. Other than that, the campaign created a huge buzz and received great amounts of exposure, both on and offline. Click to launch the banner.

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