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Christina Aguilera – Hangers

Agency(ies): Mizbala

Our mission was to create an unprecedented awareness campaign that will motivate consumers to purchase Christina Aguilera’s new perfume

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Tnuva – The Meat Hammer

Agency(ies): Gitam BBDO

A Giant 3D Meat Hammer, which is ordinarily used for tenderizing chicken breasts and make them thinner, was placed on public parking lot barriers

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Coca Cola – Village

Agency(ies): Promarket Group

In exchange for bottle caps and a small fee, youths spend 72 hours at the Coca Cola Hotel in the “Coca Cola Village”. The “Village” has turned the copy “The Coke Side of Life” into a real, feasible experience

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BK – Photo Booth

Agency(ies): Shimoni Finkelstein Draftfcb

To re-launching the ‘Whopper Jalapeno’ and generate demand amongst Burger King “regulars” who frequented the malls in which Burger King is located, as well as their friends and family

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Israeli Food Bank – Plates

Agency(ies): Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R

Too many people eat on the streets. When a daily object becomes a new media. Israeli Food Bank wanted to shake people up and face them with a cruel reality they can no longer deny

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Internet Shutdown

Agency(ies): Y&R Interactive

On July 12th 2006, 2 Israeli soldiers were abducted by the Hezbollah. To keep their issue a national priority we invited every major site to stop their activity for 5 minutes precisely 1 year after the kidnap

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