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Gideon Amichay – Jury President

Agency(ies): N\A

Direct Lions Jury President: Gideon Amichay is the former Chief Creative Officer and joint managing partner of Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv (1994-2011). He is also a writer and a communication artist.

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WaterAid – Gitam BBDO

Agency(ies): Gitam BBDO

This videos have been made for WaterAid as part of the YouTube Cannes Lions 48 hour ad contest by Gitam BBDO

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Green Party – Cemetery

Agency(ies): Shimoni Finkelstein Draftfcb

Our strategy was to communicate to people at the actual time and place where the coral had died in order to create awareness of the destruction and their role in its fate

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VW – 72 Hour Sale

Agency(ies): ACW GREY

We used a unique media approach to help give an extra push. On the top area of the classified page we inserted a ‘hand written’ reminder

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Biomat – The Unreachable

Agency(ies): MediaCom

The Orthodox have a well-accepted belief (and religious commandment) of aiding the weak. Our idea was to connect this belief to Biomat: Biomat helps you help the needy

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Young Lions – Oxfam TYCT

Agency(ies): Mizbala & Y&R Tel Aviv

One of YouTube Cannes Young Lions 48 Ad Contest winners is Guy Dayan, Mizbala’s Creative Director

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Self Promo – Lion In Zion

Agency(ies): Y&R Interactive

Self promo video for Y&R Interactive after winning 5 Cannes Lions Awards

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Internet Shutdown

Agency(ies): Y&R Interactive

On July 12th 2006, 2 Israeli soldiers were abducted by the Hezbollah. To keep their issue a national priority we invited every major site to stop their activity for 5 minutes precisely 1 year after the kidnap

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Orange – SMS Alert

Agency(ies): Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R

Text messaging while driving prevents you from seeing what really matters.

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