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Green Party – Cemetery

Agency(ies): Shimoni Finkelstein Draftfcb

Our strategy was to communicate to people at the actual time and place where the coral had died in order to create awareness of the destruction and their role in its fate

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Christina Aguilera – Hangers

Agency(ies): Mizbala

Our mission was to create an unprecedented awareness campaign that will motivate consumers to purchase Christina Aguilera’s new perfume

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VW – 72 Hour Sale

Agency(ies): ACW GREY

We used a unique media approach to help give an extra push. On the top area of the classified page we inserted a ‘hand written’ reminder

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Coca Cola – Village

Agency(ies): Promarket Group

In exchange for bottle caps and a small fee, youths spend 72 hours at the Coca Cola Hotel in the “Coca Cola Village”. The “Village” has turned the copy “The Coke Side of Life” into a real, feasible experience

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YES – Deus AI

Agency(ies): McCann Digital

How do you launch a TV series for teens, about an A.I. computer program gone wild? You create it in real life! This is what we did with “yes” satellite TV’s series DEUS

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Young Lions – Oxfam TYCT

Agency(ies): Mizbala & Y&R Tel Aviv

One of YouTube Cannes Young Lions 48 Ad Contest winners is Guy Dayan, Mizbala’s Creative Director

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