Pantene – Phone Call

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Objective: Increase awareness of Pantene’s ‘damage repair’ concept and drive emotional bonding with consumers.

Solution: A unique integrated creative approach involving simultaneous use of internet and cellular technology where the user got a call from a super-model. Interaction with target audience began on the banner. The banner had a teaser message from the celebrity model Shiraz Tal who asked the user for her cellphone number in order to give her a call. The user filled in her details and immediately received a call from Shiraz, who had a friendly ‘chat’ with her. The user received the perfect illusion of a true conversation with Shiraz who appeared on her computer screen and simultaneously spoke to her on the phone. When the voice session ended the user also got an sms from Shiraz with a cellular ‘coupon’.

The Viral Effect: After having such a fun and engaging experience, a high percentage of users wanted to send it to their friends. The “send to a friend” feature created even a stronger and more surprising experience because the friend received the impression that Shiraz already knew her name and phone number (the sender had already filled in her friend’s details on the site).

Results: The campaign created a big buzz in Israel.Over 30,000 users went through the interactive experience and got the call from Shiraz Tal.The blogosphere got loaded with discussions regarding the campaign and the brand.During the campaign period Pantene penetration in Israel went up by 28% and sales went up by 30% (Nielsen h.h.p). Click here to view the minisite (hebrew).

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