Self Promo – ‘The Box’

Navigation: « LG Renoir – Talk To The Cam :: Israeli Rugby – Got Rugby! » Category: Self Promo Agency: Gitam BBDO Released: March 2009
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The Brief: How to inform your clients that their advertising agency is moving to a new address in a creative and buzz-making way?

Solution: In times of recession there are 2 words everyone fear the most: you’re fired!

2 viral ads were produced describing employees misinterpreting a box on their desk, for a lay-off sign, thus blowing some steam on their Creative Director/ CEO.

Results: Shortly after submission the ads became the hot topic of discussion all around the country from agency’s clients to common people outside the advertising industry. mainly Because of handling a topical and painful issue as lay-offs during the economic crisis in a fun way. Furthermore, the ads got extensive media coverage in prominent blogs, News sites and leading Radio shows. generating a huge buzz and overwhelming wall-to-wall compliments.

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Executive Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Danny Yaakobovich
Art Director: Tamar Dvir
Copywriter: Ran Allon
Production: Noga Sagi, Natalie Shazar

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