Save The Children

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Brief: The Challenge Good employees are hard to find. Good copywriters are even harder. We wanted to reach as many young potential copywriters as possible However, we wanted to make sure, those who answer the call are also ready to work hard and long hours

Execution: We sent the video to every advertising and copywriting school in the country, and uploaded it in every ad forum and ad blogs. This helped us reach nearly 95% of the relevant professional population, Israel’s advertising community.

Solution: The Creative Solution We decided to create a viral video that would generate a mouth-to-ear response. With the help of the children of our Executive Creative Director (these are his real children), we showed a humoristic perspective of their lives look like while dad is at the office. With it we delivered an emotional message: Help these miserable children – send me your CV’s.

Result: The Result A stunning effect: In just 3 days, more than 200 young copywriters sent their CV’s. The best one of them is currently working at the agency. The Children were saved…

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Save the children - Click to enlarge

Save the children - Click to enlarge

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