ICA – Unknown Stains

Navigation: « Moulinex Blenders – Blended :: Must – 2nd Hand Gum » Category: Media, Public Interest Agency: Gitam BBDO Released: August, 2009
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If you see an unidentified stain on your body, go see a dermatologist. Israel cancer association. Israel is the no. 2 state in the world with people suffering from skin cancer. Skin cancer can be discovered by a simple checkup for unusual spots and stains on one’s body. In order to Increase public awareness for skin cancer and get people to go and get checked, we came up with a new creative solution, using the environment as the media. We found real stains on sidewalks near the beaches of Israel, and placed framed stickers around them. Thousands of people were exposed to the framed stains, all with the same surprised and overwhelmed reaction.

Israel Cancer Association: Unknown stains, Cick to enlarge

Israel Cancer Association: Unknown stains, Cick to enlarge

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