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Innovative Media Strategy: Fairy had enjoyed growth in Israel since its 2002 launch. But market leader Palmolive, who had been the market’s #1 dishwashing liquid for 25 years, seemed to have an impenetrable hold on the market. Within this tight market, our challenge was to grow Fairy even more. Our target group, “Traditional Perfectionists”, is a mature mom and the heart of her family. She has established brand choices. Although she wants the best performance from cleaning brands, she is not easily swayed by newcomers. She trusted proven, veteran Palmolive. We realized we weren’t just fighting to have higher awareness, we were fighting tradition! We had to move away from performance-related communication, and win her trust on a different level. Our insight: our perfectionist target group feels torn between her priorities: spending time with family, and keeping a perfect house. How could Fairy help her to do both?

Creative Execution: Our mature mom is determined to retain stability in her family but confronted with uncertainties, such as grown-up kids leaving home for the mandatory Israeli military service. The traditional Friday Shabbat dinner is the pinnacle of reuniting her family each week. But despite her desire to be with the family, she can’t overcome her perfectionist guilt — so she ends up washing the dishes while the rest of the family congregates. We decided to introduce Fairy into her Friday agenda. Our mission: let moms know that Fairy’s superior grease-cutting helps her to wash dishes faster, so that she can get out of the kitchen, and enjoy spending time with her family. Our communication idea was a purposeful call to action: “Mom, come sit with us!” And we let mom’s family itself help make the appeal to their mothers.

Target Audience: We owned the time leading into Shabbat: *TV teasers implored family to “Turn up the volume, mom’s still in the kitchen!” (with the implication that with Fairy, Mom would already be out of the kitchen!) *Homecoming sampling at train stations greeted students and soldiers coming home for the weekend. The samples included a note for the young people to give to their mothers, asking moms to spend more time with their “weekend kids.” *Sampling, signs and reminders at flower stalls – a typical Friday gift purchase for moms – also helped drive home the “Fairy for the Sabbath” theme. *And egg-vertising, with “Mom, come sit with us!” printed on 20 million eggs, helped to remind moms as they prepared the Shabbat dinner. *Non-profits and public figures helped to promote the importance of Friday night family get-togethers, widening the Fairy theme to an even larger social conversation.

Effectiveness: Our Mom-focused campaign achieved a 1st: Fairy leapfrogged Palmolive to the #1 spot in under 4 months and took sustainable market leadership in what had been, a 25-year, Palmolive stronghold. Awareness, purchase intent and “top of mind” scores achieved all-time highs. And Fairy became a new tradition in Israel.

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