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Brief: In exchange for bottle caps and a small fee, youths spend 72 hours at the Coca Cola Hotel in the “Coca Cola Village”. The “Village” has turned the copy “The Coke Side of Life” into a real, feasible experience.

The Goal: Bring to life Coca Cola’s optimistic way of looking at life, anxiety-free and full of youthful pleasure whilst illustrating the world of Coca-Cola, Israel’s number one brand. The club site was designed to be a youth club/vacation village, with all kinds of activities available. These included a beautiful beach, a swimming pool with a selection of Coca Cola beverages included, music, live performances and parties, etc.

Results: 10,000 youngsters resided at the village, each for 72 hours. 500,000 youths viewed the special project website and a huge public relations campaign was created as a result, with media worth of over $500,000. Post-campaign research proved that a substantial rise in brand sympathy and its positioning as innovative, optimistic and suitable for the young had occurred. Coca Cola was once again chosen as Israel’s leading brand and strengthened its ranking in Israel’s brand table.

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