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The product: Parenting and family courses given by Clalit health services.

The goal: Awareness and Sales.

The solution: We have created a fictitious company named “Kidsourcing” run by Amos Keidar, an ambitious entrepreneur. Amos’s rather twisted vision is to provide parenting outsourcing services for parents who just don’t have the time or energy. One day, we launched the Kidsourcing website, which offered promising services, solid customer support with a telemarketing crew and an internet  campaign with the winning slogan: “You take care of yourself. We’ll take care of your children”.

Results: After just one week, the Kidsourcing website created a massive buzz amongst parents all over the country and in the media and managed to put one topic on everybody’s lips:  How does one deal with being a modern parent in 2008? After creating such a hype, everyone knew about the parenting courses provided by our client and were more than eager to purchase these courses, which could help them become better parents in a modern day society.

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